Spring 2010 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-12:50 ENGR 203

Weekly seminars or colloquia. Students are normally required to enroll for their first two semesters in the ECE Graduate Program.

Date Presenters Topic/Abstract/Bio Presentations
January 12, 2010 Mary Lee Anderson
ECE Graduate Student Advisor
ECE Graduate Program Policies and Guidelines Presentation
January 19, 2010 Dr. Yan Li
Post-Doc Shandong University
Distributed Order Filter Presentation
January 26, 2010 Dr. Mohamed B. Trabia
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Design of "Figure-8" Spherical Motion
Flapping Wing for Miniature UAV
February 2, 2010 Yongcan Cao
PhD Student - Wei Ren
Decentralized Coordination
of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles
February 9, 2010 Dr. Jake Gunther
ECE Associate Professor
Maximum Likelihood Estimate Applied to
Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
February 23, 2010 Dr. Changpin Li
Visiting Scholar
The Lyapunov Exponents: A Tutorial Presentation
March 2, 2010 Arun Rao
MS Student - Edmund Spencer
Plasma Impedance Probe Electronics Presentation
March 9, 2010 Haiyang Chao
PhD Student - YangQuan Chen
AggieAir: Towards Low-Cost Cooperative Multispectral
Remote Sensing Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
March 23, 2010 Magathi Jayaram
PhD Student - Chris Winstead
Electronic Design and Modeling
of a Plasma Impedance Probe
March 30, 2010 Hema Swaroop Mopidevi
MS Student - Bedri Cetiner
Multifunctional Reconfigurable Antennas
for Public Safety Use
April 6, 2010 Dr. Sanghamitra Roy
ECE Assistant Professor
Rethinking Threshold Voltage Assignment
in 3D Multicore Designs
April 13, 2010 Dr. Rainee N. Simons
Advances in Ka-Band Waveguide
Power Combiners for Satellite Communications
April 20, 2010 Dr. Zongli Lin
University of Virginia
Control Systems with Actuator Saturation:
An Anticipatory Anti-Windup Design
April 27, 2010 Miles McQueen and Craig Reiger
Idaho National Laboratory
Next Generation Control Systems
and the Need for Resilience

Craig Reiger - Presentation

Miles McQueen - Presentation

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