Spring 2013 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-12:50 ENGR 302

Weekly seminars or colloquia. Students are normally required to enroll for their first two semesters in the ECE Graduate Program.


Presenters Topic/Abstract/Bio Presentations


Mary Lee Anderson
ECE Graduate Student Advisor

ECE Graduate Program Policies and Guidelines Presentation

Dr. Chris Winstead
ECE Associate Professor
ECE Graduate Coordinator

Dissertation and Thesis Presentation


1/29/13 Dr. Scott Budge
ECE Associate Professor
ECE Associate Department Head
Three-Dimensional Imaging and Applications Using LADAR and Texelcameras Presentation
2/05/13 Dr. Igor Podlubny
Technical University of Kosice
Matrix Approach: A General Framework for Numerical Solution of Differential Equations of Fractional, Variable, and Distributed Order Presentation
2/12/13 Daniel Costinett
ECE Faculty Candidate
Power Electronics
Analysis and Design of High Efficiency, High Conversion Ratio, DC-DC Power Converters
2/26/13 Dr. Jake Gunther
ECE Professor
Incorporating a Linear Model for Glottal Flow into Linear Prediction of Clean and Noisy Voiced Speech Presentation


Jinwei He
Faculty Candidate in Power Engineering
Power Distribution System Power Quality Enhancement Using DG-Grid Interfacing Converters
3/19/13 Jason Allred
MS Student of
Dr. Sanghamitra Roy
ECE Assistant Professor
Designing and Sustaining Dark Silicon-Aware Multicore Systems Presentation
3/26/13 Dr. Tam Chantem
ECE Assistant Professor
Enhancing Multicore Reliability Through Wear Compensation in Online Assignment and Scheduling Presentation
4/02/13 Dr. Ryan Gerdes
ECE Assistant Professor
Physical and Hardware Security Presentation
4/09/13 Dr. Kristina Lynch
Dartmouth University Professor
Measuring Auroral Plasma Processes
4/16/13 Xue Chen
PhD Student
Dr. Rose Hu
Tradeoff Between Spectral and Energy Efficiency in a Delay Constraint Network Presentation
4/23/13 Dr. Todd Moon
ECE Department Head
Continuum-State Hidden Markov Models Presentation

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