ECE Teaching Labs

EL 101  

ECE 3710: Microcomputer Hardware and Software

Synthesis of microcomputer systems, including interfacing, component analysis, signaling requirements, and programming.  Covers architecture basics, including instruction sets, assembly language programming, loading, timing, and interrupts.  Includes hands-on implementation.

EL 102A  

ECE 2250: Electrical Circuits

Introduction to electrical circuits and basic circuit elements.  Circuit theory, analysis techniques, and introduction to design. DC analysis. First-order inductive and capacitive circuits.  Operational amplifiers. AC steady-state analysis.  Introduction to computer-aided design and analysis.

EL  105         

ECE 2700: Digital Circuits

Design of combinational and sequential logic circuits with discrete and programmable logic devices.  Simulations and timing analysis.  Use of CAD tools.  Design of digital systems.

ECE 5530: Digital System Design

Presents modern top-down, bottom-up approach to design of digital systems, emphasizing programmable devices.  Extensive use of CAD tools.  Designing with ABEL, and introduction to designing with Verilog HDL.

EL 207 

ECE 5240: Space System Design

Students in teams perform a space system design involving all aspects, including technical, cost, and schedule. Class is linked to national design competitions and/or current USU spacecraft design projects.

EL 112

ECE 5310: Control Systems

Study of analog and computer controlled systems, classical and modern control system design methods, s-domain and z-domain transfer function models, state space, dynamics of linear systems, and frequency domain analysis and design techniques.  Introduction to controllability and observability, and full-state pole placement controller design.

ECE 5320: Mechatronics

Principles, modeling, interfacing, and signal conditioning of motion sensors and actuators.  Hardware-in-the-loop simulation and rapid prototyping of real-time closed-loop computer control of electromechanical systems.  Modeling, analysis, and identification of discrete-time or sampled-data dynamic systems.  Commonly used digital controller design methods.  Introduction to nonlinear effects and their compensation in mechatronic systems.

EL 104 

ECE 3410: Microelectronics I

Fundamentals of transistors, operational amplifiers, and other integrated circuits, along with their utilization in amplifiers, switches, and other applications.

ECE 5420: Microelectronics II

Design of electronic circuits for applications in instrumentation, communication, control, and power systems.


ENGR 328  

ECE 5640: Real-Time Processors

Real-time processor architectures and methods used for digital signal processing. Includes C and assembly language programming, modern DSP architectures, tools for real-time system development, and finite word-length effects.  Laboratory includes implementation of hardware-based real-time systems.

ECE 5780: Real-Time Systems

Real-time system design and implementation of basic concepts, including interrupts and controllers, context switch, concurrent processes, semaphores, message passing, rate monotonic and deadline scheduling, hardware system design and test issues, and typical engineering practice.  Includes hands-on implementation.