Within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, students may choose to major in either electrical or computer engineering. Each program helps to prepare students for careers as practicing engineers by offering a balanced curriculum of classwork, laboratory work, and design experiences.

For more information or answers to your questions concerning academics, please contact the College of Engineering Advising Office. The Student Services Center is located on the 3rd Floor of the new Engineering Building (ENGR). You may call to set up an appointment at 435-797-2705.


Financial Aid Support:

Financial aid for undergraduates is available from three sources: the Federal Government, the University, and the College of Engineering. The ECE Department does not offer any scholarships, grants, or loans to undergraduates.

For information concerning available financial aid opportunities from the government and the University, please see the web site of the Financial Aid Office.

For information concerning available scholarship opportunities from the College of Engineering, please see the College's FAQ site. For a list of available scholarships, please see the General Catalog.