Facilities & Labs

Research in the department is conducted in a variety of laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, with research funding coming from federal, state, and private sources. 

Anderson Wireless Center         

Research in the Anderson Wireless Center is oriented around the generation, propagation, and reception of electromagnetic waveforms. Projects in this laboratory deal with wireless radio and telemetry systems, with special focus on antenna designs. Special facilities include an electromagnetic anechoic chamber, antenna range, and suite of high frequency test equipment.

Radio Frequency Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems Laboratory

In this laboratory, microelectromechanical machines (MEMS) are married with Electromagnetic circuitry to build reconfigurable electrical devices.

Information Dynamics Laboratory (IDL)

Research in the Information Dynamics Laboratory (IDL) deals with the general problem of turning data  into information using techniques of statistical signal and image processing, communications,  statistical analysis, and error correction coding. Projects have included speech recognition, advanced  digital receiver design, error correction algorithms, filter design, data mining, and high-dimensional  data analysis. IDL is also the home for the recurring Research Experience for Undergraduates in Communications, Signal Processing, and Coding.

Center for Space Engineering

The Center for Space Engineering engages in the design of scientific instruments and missions for probing the Earth’s atmosphere and beyond. Research includes the design of small satellites and spacecraft instrumentation.

Center for Self Organizing Intelligent Systems (CSOIS)

CSOIS is a controls-oriented laboratory. Current research efforts are on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian use (such as waterway and freeway surveys,forest surveys,soil moisture surveys, etc. Also, control applications of fractional order calculus.

USU Bridge Lab

The BRIDGE lab focuses on interdisciplinary research to create gateways between Computer Architecture and Physical Design Automation. The phenomenal growth of integration capacity accompanied with growth in design complexity has far outpaced the development in design automation tools and widely adopted design methodologies.


Acoustics Laboratory

An acoustic anechoic chamber forms the centerpiece of this laboratory.

Micron Research Center (MRC)

The Micron Research Center was founded with the support of the Micron Foundation. Current   research includes error correction coding support for high density memory systems, memory controllers for high-performance 3D systems, and mitigating process variables effects in DRAM fabrication.