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Fall 2009 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-12:50 ENGR 302

Weekly seminars or colloquia. Students are normally required to enroll for their first two semesters in the ECE Graduate Program.

Date Presenters Topic/Abstract/Bio Presentations
August 25, 2009 Mary Lee Anderson
Graduate Advisor
ECE Graduate Program Policies and Guidelines Presentation
September 1, 2009 Dr. Edmund Spencer
ECE Assistant Professor
Beginning MS Plan A/B Research Presentation
September 8, 2009 Dr. Igor Podlubny
Visiting Professor
Fractional Derivatives and Fractional Differential Equations:
History, Methods, and Applications
September 15, 2009 Dr. Changpin Li
Visiting Professor
An Overview of Complex Dynamical Networks Presentation
September 22, 2009 Dr. Scott Budge
ECE Associate Professor
Patenting Ideas: The Patent Process and Examples of Patented Research at USU Presentation
September 29, 2009 Aravind Dasu
ECE Assistant Professor
Challenges and Benefits of Using FPGAs for High Performance Embedded Computing Presentation
October 6, 2009 Matthew Areno
Sandia National Laboratories
Securing Our Nation's Security Presentation
October 13, 2009 Dr. Chris Winstead
ECE Assistant Professor
Electronic Fault Compensation:
A Tour of the Muller C-Element
October 20, 2009 Dr. Charles Swenson
ECE Professor
NASA and Satellite Constellations
for Measurements of Space Weather
October 27, 2009 Dr. Reyhan Baktur
ECE Assistant Professor
"Printing" Antennas Presentation
November 3, 2009 Dr. Brandon Eames
ECE Lecturer
Streaming Architecture Generation Based on
Heuristic and Optimal Instruction Scheduling Techniques
November 10, 2009 Professor Paul Israelsen
ECE Research Professor
Utah State University Research Foundation
Energy Dynamics Laboratory
November 17, 2009 Dr. Alan Marchant
ValidWind: Precise Wind Profiling
Using Balloon Tracers
November 24, 2009 Yiding Han
ECE Student - Koushik Chakraborty
GPGPU: An Architect's Perspective Presentation
December 1, 2009 Christophe Tricaud
ECE PhD Student - YangQuan Chen
Cyber-Physcial Systems:
Cognitive Mobile Actuator and Sensor Networks