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Spring 2008 Schedule

Tuesdays 12:00-12:50 ENGR 203

Weekly seminars or colloquia. Students are normally required to enroll for two semesters.

Date Presenters Topic/Abstract/Bio Presentations
Jan. 8 , 2008

Dr. Scott Budge
- ECE Graduate Chairman
Mary Lee Anderson
- ECE Graduate Advisor

Graduate Policies and Guidelines Presentation
Jan. 15 , 2008 Dr. Chris Winstead
- ECE Assistant Professor
Stochastic Iterative Decoders Presentation
Jan. 22 , 2008 Dr. Wei Ren
- ECE Assistant Professor
Distributed Consensus in Multi-vehicle
Cooperative Controls Theory and Applications
Jan. 29 , 2008 NO CLASS    
Feb. 5, 2008 NO CLASS    
Feb. 12, 2008 Dennis Briscoe - Wescor
- Industrial Advisory Committee
Growth and Globilization of Wescor
A local company's evolution
Feb. 19, 2008 NO CLASS (Monday Schedule)    
Feb. 26, 2008 Randal Sylvester -
L3 Communications
Unmanned Aerial Systems
(UAS) Communications
March 4, 2008 Dr. Lawren Smithline
Princeton University
Computation at a Distance Presentation
March 11, 2008 NO CLASS (Spring Break)    
March 18, 2008 Sean Warnick - BYU Dynamical Structure Functions and the Network Reconstruction of Dynamical Systems Presentation
March 25, 2008 NO CLASS  
April 1, 2008 Tom Clarke - Tektronics DPX Acquisition Technology Captures More Signal Tektronix DPO Spectrum Analyzers and DPO Oscilloscopes. See what others don't see.

Presentation 1

Presentation 2
Presentation 3

April 8, 2008 Dr. Yuriy Zakharov
University of York (UK)
Dr. Rodrigo de Lamare
University of York (UK)

Matrix Inversion - It's Simple!

Special Seminar - Reduced-Rank Signal Processing Techniques for Communications

Zakharov Presentation
de Lamare Presentation
April 15, 2008 Dr. Aravind Dasu
- ECE Assistant Professor
ESLT, the next generation of design automation tools Presentation
April 22, 2008 Dr. Edmund Spencer
- ECE Assistant Professor
Ionospheric Plasma Properties
from Swept Impedance Probes