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3D Persistence of Vision Display

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Mark Elliott, Austin Jensen, Michael Reimer

Project Date

Fall 2014

Project Description

This project covers the work put forth by Austin Jensen, Mark Elliott, and Michael Reimer in creating a 3D persistence of vision (POV) display. The project was selected to display the skills that have been learned as electrical engineering students at Utah State Universit. the 2D POV is a device that spins layers offset LEDs at a high speed and has the LEDs flicker at the precise time to create 3D images. The display also allows the user to select between different settings that display a demo image, displays the visual spectrum of music being played, or a custom image can be uploaded to the displayed. All information will be passed wirelessly to the spinning blades so they can be updated in real time without having to stop the blades and update the image. This document discusses the methods used in creating this project, results from testing data, and challenges that had to be overcome in order to complete this project.