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AGT Laser Receiver

A Computer Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Tyler Wilson

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

This document describes the idea of the All Grades Technology (AGT) Laser Receiver and the implications of having this product in the construction industry. The AGT Laser Receiver is a tool that is used for measuring elevation offset of setting grade on construction sites or in landscaping applications. The beginning of this document describes the current system that is used for measuring elevating offset and proposes the new idea. The project consists of four key components. First, the research and development of capturing a laser beam signal. Second, amplifying the captured signals. Third, processing the captured signal and using this information to determine the elevation offset. Fourth, displaying the gathered information to the user. The methods for achieving this is explained in the document. The results of the four key components are shown and the implications of this are discussed. In conclusion, the document describes the lessons that were learned from this project and the experiences gained.