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Autonomous "James Bond" Car

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Joshua Harris, Trevor Kunz, and Tyler Butikofer

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

The Autonomous Bond Car System or "James" is designed as a platform for classic car enthusiasts to update to modern driving standards, automotive racing technicians to control any function in an open-source environment, and any other automotive applications that require accessible, versatile, robust, and technological control structure. Currently, there is no product on the market that is open-source and based on a modern protocal. Therefore, the decision was made to design such a system and make it available for use by anyone. Te Controller Area Network(Can) bus protocol was chosen as it is widely used in the car industry. It is also robust and can withstand electrical noise present in cars. Waht makes the CAN bus immune is the fact that it uses a differential pair of wires for the daa. Any electrical noise picked up by the data lines is applied to both lines and doesn't affect the voltage difference, thus the data remains unchanged. Additionally, the bus is terminated on both ends to prevent reflections from corrupting the bus. The James system cansists of three microcontroller, each communicating over the CAN bus. There are several sensors that will be monitored and report to an Android app via the main control module. The sensors are engine coolant temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, RPM, alternator voltage and presence of someone in the driver's seat. To show how James could be used to control features of the car, interior lighting control and Facial Recognition Ignition Control (FRIC) were added. The FRIC could also be bypassed via the Android app as well as restarted after the car had been turned off. Other features could be added, such as, control of an aftermarket supension system, headlight control, infrared sensors for seeing animals while night driving, backup cameras, etc. The system could also provide the basis for adding fuel injection. The James system modernized classic cars and allows for more accurate monitoringand control.