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Electronic Safe Cracker

A Computer Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Connor George

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

This document is intended to give a complete description of the Knock Activated Door Lock, including its operations, design aspects, intended uses, and functionality. The introduction provides a high-level overview of what the project is, what it may be used for, and why it is important. The design is discussed next. This section discusses design choices and challenges, and the intricacies of the system's operation. Following the design of the system, the results are discussed. In this section, the outcomes of the project, as well as the project's test results are analyzed. The discussion section, located after the results, goes into depth about the implications of the project's results. This section contains information regarding the ideology of the project, and how the results in product support that ideology. Potential improvements and future goals are also discussed here. Finally, the conclusion discusses the learning experiences during the project, and how they differ from learning in a traditional classroom setting. The parallels between this project and a professional engineering project are also discussed.