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Hay and Silage Produce Application System

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Marshall Folkman

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

The Hay & Silage Product Applicator System's purpose is to enable Nurturite customers with the ability to apply Nurturite's hay and silage treatment products. This system is designed with the versatility of several applications, such as bailing or swathing. This system is controlled entirely by the means of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) which is a touch-screen display to be located in the cab of the tractor. Through the HMI, the operator can configure setup options to be able to control and monitor the system's output. The HMI unit (master) communicates with a secondary microcomputer unit (slave), located in the control box outside the cab, to transmit and receive control commands and information.