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Headphone Tester

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Derrick Chugg, Michael Welch

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

Buying a new set of headphones can be quite a gamble. Buying an expensive headphone without previewing how it sounds first can prove to be a dissatisfying experience. Every set of headphones contains a unique sound signature and most of the time you don't know how that signature sound. Some stores set up stations for customers to demo choice few headphones. These systems are usually overly complex systems and take up a lot of room. The cost of setting up one of these testing stations is also very expensive. The headphone tester is a solution to these problems. With the headphone tester, all you need is one set of headphones. a DSP board, and a sampling of the headphones that you want to test. With these items, you can get a prediction of what any type of headphone will sound. This way you may never have to blindly buy a set of headphones and be dissatisfied with what you hear. It will also simplify the complex systems that businesses implement by reducing the number of components. It will also reduce the size of those complex systems and this will save money.