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Motorized Adjustable Dumbbells

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Aaron Anderson, Tyler Tolman

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

Dumbbells are one of the most used pieces of exercise equipment in homes and in gyms but often times they do not meet the users' needs. This project is a space saver for the dumbbells found in gyms, as well as a practical solution ofr home workouts. Named M.A.D., Motoized Adjustable Dumbbells, it works by taking two specially made dumbbells with weighted plates on each end and placing them on a two foot by two foot base. A user selects a desired weight by the push of a button or through an app on a mobile device. The weight range a user can select is from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds for each dumbbell. A motor then grabs the unwanted weights at the end of the dumbbells, leaving on the selected weight on the handle. Everything that used to take up an entrie wall at a gym, and was never feasible for home use, can now be found in a very easy to use and small package.