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Quadropter Chase Cam

An Electical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Cameron Madsen, Dorthy Johnson, Jacob Rice

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

Action cameras on today's market such as the GoPro, HERO3, or Sony Action Cam are able to capture a person's experiences from the point of view of the person wearing the camera. The camera captures the point of view of the person from an attached position on the person - usually the forehead. what today's action cameras fail to do is capture the person having the experience. The quadcopter chase camera is able to record the person having the experience without the assistance of the cameraman. Our design features a camera attached to the bottom of a quadcopter. Both the quadcopter and the person being filmed are equipped with a GP/S. The quadcopter is programmed to follow the designated person at a certain distance to film that person in action. This will film the skier, the rock climber, or the skater in action - action that is nearly impossible to film by a camera operator.