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Scare Hall

A Computer Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Jeffrey Williams, Ryan Anderson

Project Date

Spring 2015

Project Description

Have you ever wanted a series of motion sensors that not only activated a scary robot but allowed the scary robot to track those you intended to scare such as trick or treaters on Halloween? We will design and build both the sensors and robot. We will build the sensors using a circuit which measures changes in infrared light. Once a sensor is tripped a microcontroller will store the data. The microcontroller can then send the data to the spooky robot and move the robot to the location needed. You may also program the microcontroller to use the data from the motion sensors for other purposes such as an intruder alarm for your home. We wanted to use IR sensors and a microcontroller because we wanted it to be cheap and portable. We felt that this is the best way to create this kind of product.