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Predator Deterrent Ear Tag

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Thomas Day and Dusty Henson

Project Date

Spring 2016

Project Description

We built an ear tag and a predator deterrent for our project. This device affixes to the ear of livestock (cattle, sheep, etc.). The ear tag triggers when a predator is nearby, based upon the physical response of the livestock. When triggered, it produces a randomized light pattern in order to ward off predators. Due to predators, who usually hunt during the crepuscular hours, the ear tag monitors during those times and for the rest of the time stays in sleep mode. The battery lasts for approximately 6 months. The final product in the future will be able to withstand various environmental conditions, as well as the physical abuse caused by the livestock. This ear tag combines the functionality of current ear tags and current deterrents. This should help to bring in a new more dependable method of protecting livestock.