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360 CAM 

A Computer and Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Nathan Elmer, Mahli Guerrero, Eric Rasmussen

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

Have you ever been curious to know what it feels like to be a fly? Well, maybe you can’t actually be a fly, but what if you could see the world the way a fly sees it? Fly’s eyes are made up of multiple lenses, each taking its own picture of the world around it. Their brain then takes each of those individual images and combines them to create a single view of the world at that point in time. The 360Cam will simulate this process.

Figure 2. Fly Eye Structure. This is a similar structure to what we hope our final product will act like. [2]

The 360Cam will take a 360-degree lateral video and be able to track an object within the 360-degree range. There are already options on the market that can capture a 360 video, but they lack the ability to track, and they cost thousands of dollars. Our goal is to implement the 360Cam in just a few hundred dollars. The 360-degree tracking capability gives the 360Cam several potential applications such as surveillance, exploration and gaming.