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An Audio-Based Security System

An Electrical Engineering Major's Senior Project

Team Members

Hayden Christianson and Madi Mickelsen

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

Security is an important part of everyday life. People feel better knowing that their homes and businesses are safe and their belongings protected. We plan to design and build an audio-based security system to meet these security needs.

Many types of security systems already exist, such as camera security systems and home-defense security systems. However, these systems can be bulky, expensive, hard to use, and difficult to install. Our security system based on audio signals will be more compact, cheaper, and simpler overall than other security systems. The system will consist only of a simple speaker, a microphone, and a simple processing unit.

Our system will work by sending an audio signal into a room using the speaker. The signal will reverberate around the room until it returns to the microphone to be recorded. Through processing, the recorded signal will be able to provide a sort of “map” of the room. If a disturbance enters the room, then the returning audio signal will be different than the normal room “map” and an alarm will be triggered.

Our system provides a simple alternative for home and business security. Audio security will make the safety and protection of property easier and more affordable for all.