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A Computer Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Weston Jensen

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

I have a professor, Dr. Stephen Clyde who is hard of hearing. If a student wishes to ask a question, a T.A. must bring over a device that you speak into and is in turn transmitter directly to the hearing aid of Dr. Clyde so he is able to hear your question. This current system works, but is a great distraction to the class as the T.A. must hand the audio transmitter to each student who wishes to ask a question, and at times students will speak out of turn and the question is missed all together. This audio transmitter is very similar to that of a smart phone, which each college student carries with them at all times. Our solution is to use these smart phones to transmit directly to a receiver using the voice over IP protocol, that in turn will transmit to the teachers hearing aid. The final product would be something similar to a router that could be placed in a class room and used in tandem with a smart phone app to direct all questions easily and directly to the teacher at the push of a button.