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Enhanced Capability Fluorescence Microscope

A Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Garrett Hinton

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

Microscopes are very useful in biology labs. A certain type of microscope that has many uses is called a fluorescence microscope. It requires connecting to a computer so that researchers can look at single cells and see them fluoresce, or glow. Fluorescence microscope systems (FMS) are expensive and have limitations. Some examples of these limitations are that the computer programs that come with them are hard to learn, have long start up times, and have unreliable features. This proposal is to make a FMS that will be cheaper, simpler, more user friendly, and have more features than standard microscopes. Having a reliable microscope is important to further research on behavior of cells, which has many applications in medical research. To resolve some of the limitations of current FMS would be a valuable pursuit.