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Harry Potter Laser Tag

An Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Skyler Cowley and Jake Johansen

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

Harry Potter laser tag is designed and assembled by a team consisting of two members.
Jaque Johansen and Skyler Cowley are two electrical engineering students in their
senior year at Utah State University. They strive to use their imaginations and high
spirits to improve the lives and happiness of those around them.
Their goal is to do just that. Create a Harry Potter laser tag game that would provide
people with a magical experience to increase their happiness and enjoyment. Harry
Potter, a tale of wizards, witches and magic relates to many individuals, particularly
millennials and the rising generation. Laser tag is a highly interactive game that groups
of people enjoy playing together. The combination of these two pastimes led to the
inception of this idea