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Point-n-Share Binoculars

A Computer Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

James Sargent and Zachary Hyatt

Project Date

Spring 2016

Project Description

Have you ever seen something through a pair of binoculars that you wanted to show someone else, but you struggled to explain where they should look?
With Point-and-Share Binoculars, you can simply press a button and the binoculars do the rest of the work. When the person you're communicating with looks
through their binoculars, they will see directional indicators guiding their vision to the target location.

By integrating a GPS system, a laser range finder, and a compass, the binoculars can calculate the GPS coordinates of what they are pointing to.
Those coordinates are then sent to other binoculars, via bluetooth. These other binoculars then calculate the GPS coordinates of what they are
pointing to and compare their results to the received coordinates. The user is then instructed whether to look left, right, etc. in order to
find the target. These calculations are performed repeatedly until the target is found, whereupon the user is informed that they have found the specified location.