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Robotic Irrigation System

An Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Cade Moody, Chance Scott, and Ken Sills

Project Date

Fall 2016

Project Description

The Robotic Irrigation System is a mobile platform that navigates a field to designated valve operating stations to turn on/off the valves to supply irrigation water to one section of field at a time and moves on to the next section when the first area has been Many agricultural professionals spend a significant portion of their time during the growing season irrigating. This entails setting up to irrigate a section of the field, monitoring to ensure proper amount of water reaches the entire section, shutting off the water when the section is completed and move to the next section. This is performed over and over until the entire field has been irrigated. Many times this is done at inconvenient hours of the day such as early morning hours. Large regions still use non pressurized irrigation to supply the water to the fields.
We are students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department in the College of Engineering at Utah State University (USU). Our classes have given us experience working with electrical systems. We all have been raised in a region as described in the previous paragraph and understand the time and effort it requires to ensure a successful growing season.
Time and water are the most limiting factors for agricultural professionals in the west. The system we have developed will allow these professionals to better utilize both of these by freeing up time and more efficiently utilizing the water.
This solution is called Robotic Irrigation System. Once this system is set up and initiated, everything is automatic until the field is complete and ready to move to the next field. This process will continue until all sections have been completed.