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The Perfect Gift: Burnt Wood

A Computer and Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Jaden Miller and Blaine Cook

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

Many engineering classes do not provide end-to-end design experience. The schooling that new engineers do receive does not typically have an emphasis in design. These students receive homework problems that have one expected solution, which limits creativity.
As seniors in electrical and computer engineering at Utah State University, we are proposing a design and production of a laser engraver system for our senior project. The system will include a PC application that will interface with a microprocessor to send a user-specified image. The microprocessor will be programmed to perform image processing and convert the image into a usable form. The microprocessor will also control a motor-encoder system to accurately move the laser, which will burn the image into the wood.
By doing this project, we are gaining needed experience and following through with the design. We expect to have a working design at the beginning of May 2017 and demonstrate it at senior night.