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The SMART Helmet

An Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Josh Perkins and Ben Zeller

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

The innovative team of Josh Perkins and Ben Zeller began in 2013 during a circuit theory course. The duo quickly began bouncing ideas off each other to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for electrical circuitry. Pursuit of education through circuit theory allowed both individuals to understand design and construction of circuit elements and appreciate electronic communication and control.

In the final year of education Josh Perkins and Ben Zeller began working to integrate the electronic industry with motorcycle riding. Being a passionate of both motorcycles and electronics the young men sought to merge these two seemingly unrelated components of the world. By assimilating GPS navigation and video recording to the world of motorcycles the pair hope to create a safer and more enjoyable riding experience for all involved.

Motorcycles are still largely recreational yet; safety and navigation have remained relatively unchanged for the motorcycle enthusiast for several decades. Unlike many modern vehicles, motorcycle riders are still required to stop each time they need to verify directions. The smart helmet proposed by Josh and Ben will combine integrated GPS navigation with advanced display technology to allow motorcycle riders the ability to traverse through unknown, urban and rural, terrain. The helmet will also allow for riders to record their experience for recreational, instructive, and legal purposes. By utilizing this helmet riders everywhere will be able to ride safely with the same technology so many of us enjoy in our vehicles today.