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Track-It Golf

An Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Jeff Holtman

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

For my senior design project, I chose to combine the technologies of image and signal processing to produce a golf ball launch monitor that will accurately represent the flight of a golf ball. Through the use of a simple computer mouse camera and a carefully selected lens, we can turn the mouse into a high speed camera capable of tracking the movement of a golf ball. This video will then be mathematically analyzed to calculate various characteristics of golf ball flight. By displaying these characteristics to a computer display, the golfer will have direct feedback on the type of shot they just made. This will allow them to fix the faults in their swing to produce the optimal shot that they desire for every club in their bag. The characteristics that we will be examining include:

  • Speed of the ball in mph
  • Launch angle
  • Spin (side and back)
  • Distance (total yards and distance off center)

Designing an inexpensive launch monitor capable of producing accurate results of these characteristics would dominate the launch monitor market. Offering this device to the general public would allow improvement to be achieved in any home or business around the globe. Improvement in your game is just around the corner, and it may cost much less than you think.