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Visible Light Data Transfer (VLDT)

A Computer and Electrical Engineering Senior Project

Team Members

Joshua Lynn and Trevor Carter

Project Date

Spring 2017

Project Description

As a senior design project we will create two devices that will be able to communicate wirelessly via the visible light spectrum. Using visible light for wireless data transmission has potential for fast data transfer rates and also to reduce congestion on current wireless data transmission technology. This potential was show in the TED Talk by Herald Haas titled Wireless data from every light bulb ( The devices we design will be able to track information such as the transfer data rate and the data corruption that occurred during the transmission of the data. These devices will all have the capability to switch between different light sources used for transmission by the users of the devices manually switching out different types of LEDs. This will allow the user to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the many different types of LEDs for visible light communication. Each device will have a touch screen with which users can monitor data transfer statistics such as the data rate and change additional settings for the data transfer such as data transfer speed. These devices, as well as the data we collect with them, will allow companies researching the use of visible light communication to quickly test and verify different communication protocols and LED technology used for this form of communication.