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CNC Plasma Machine

CNC plasma Cutting Machine poster

Team Members

Gary Mitchell, Andrew Sharratt, Josh Benson

Project Date

Spring 2018

Project Description

Small metal shops can’t or don’t find it economical to invest large amounts of money and space for a large CNC plasma cutting machine. Some shops already use a hand-held plasma cutting device which could be incorporated into a smaller more cost-effective CNC machine. We designed a system consisting of a table top CNC machine, which will allow for a hand-held plasma torch to be mounted to it.

Several large and expensive CNC plasma cutting systems exist today. These machines require space and money that may not be available to smaller shops. Our system uses a small CNC machine, a hand-held plasma cutter, and custom electronic controls to reduce the space required as well as cost.

Our system works by converting input from the user into machine movement, which drives the hand- held plasma cutter to cut metal into specific shapes. Our custom controller consists of a user interface to start, stop, pause, and reset the system. Our system processor takes user input in the form of data on a micro SD card. Our processor converts the data into electrical signals sent to our motor control circuit to produce three-dimensional movement.

Our system will be relatively small in size and cost, providing small metal shops with accuracy and efficiency in their metal cutting needs.