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Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Kart poster

Team Members

Alex Fullmer, Logan Slade, and Aaron Yardley

Project Date

Spring 2018

Project Description

Our senior design project is to develop a fully electric single-driver Go-Kart. Our design goals include: A rechargeable battery pack, regenerative braking, enough power output from our drivetrain to make it up Old Main, and an acceleration comparable to the Tesla. We plan on having two, 2000 Watt, DC, brushless motors, using a direct drive gearing system.

Our project will target those who are not able to drive, such as teenagers under the age of sixteen. This will help our consumers save money in gas. Electric vehicles are a growing industry and making more small scale designs will help for future industry.

The electric Go-Kart will not only be less expensive to drive than a typical gas-powered Go-Kart, but it will also be more environmentally friendly. When someone wants to go for a drive, they will not have to worry about polluting the environment. It will cost significantly less to operate, as the cost electricity required to drive the Go-Kart will be significantly less than gasoline. The motor will be silent as well!