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Foozee poster

Team Members

Nathan Cook, Leif Chipman

Project Date

Spring 2018

Project Description

Foozee is an automated foosball table designed to allow any user to play a game of foosball without another person. A traditional foosball table requires a person to be on each side of the table to control the players for that team’s side. Foozee attaches to one side of the foosball table, eliminating the need for a person to be on the opposing side of the foosball table. As Foozee captures a video stream of the playing field, it will control the foosball players in a strategic manner. While the software handles the video stream, it provides the system with the ability to know where the ball is located. Foozee’s tracking algorithm generates a command for the motors, which controls the position of the players. During game play, a single user is challenged in a game of foosball as Foozee competitively reacts to the playing field.