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Noise Canellation

Noise Cancelation poster

Team Members

Golden Money

Project Date

Spring 2018

Project Description

Have you ever tried on a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones? The experience is very interesting. No matter how loud the outside environment, you cannot hear a thing. You can be on a noisy airplane or bus, next to a screaming baby or an annoying person who will not stop talking. This project will provide an in depth look at how Bose achieves this amazing feat.

This system functions with two microphones and a speaker. One microphone is placed next to the sound source so that the system will know the signal that it needs to cancel out. The other microphone is placed next to the ear along with the speaker. Using adaptive filtering they system can compute the difference between the two signals and produce a sound from the speaker to cancel out the incoming noise. This is the same general setup that the Bose headphones utilize although they are much more compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Noise cancellation and more generally adaptive filtering can be found in a broad range of industries. This project will hopefully demonstrate, in a simple way, how a signal processing system like this functions