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Pocket Generator

Pocket Generator poster

Team Members

Cadin White

Project Date

Spring 2018

Project Description

The Pocket Generator is a project intended to provide a personal self-charging power source. It uses the same effects that cause static electricity to charge a small battery. In turn, the energy stored in the battery can be used for extending the life of small electronic devices through a USB port. This is possible by utilizing the triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction, which occur from the connection and seperation of materials with different electron affinities. The different electron affinities cause electrons to be transferred from one material to another when they come in contact. Electrodes on either side of the material allow the transferred electrons to flow back towards equalibrium as the materials are seperated. This produces an alternating current from physical movement.

The Pocket Generator is a system designed to utilize this effect to harvest energy from daily motion such as walking, jogging, or jumping. It stores the energy generated from the alternating current flow into a battery in where it can be kept until it is needed. In order to make the Pocket Generator versatile, it is compatable with any device that can charge through a standard USB port. It is a small enclosed system that can be carried where ever you go to provide a reliable source of power, plus it rewards your active life style.