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Dr. Sanghamitra Roy awarded with NSF CAREER Award

         Dr. Roy’s NSF CAREER Award is for a project to enhance the reliability of current and next generation microprocessors. This project is based on the joint work between Dr. Roy and Dr. Koushik Chakraborty at the BRIDGE lab at USU ( Timing violations, an artifact of rapid technology scaling, embody a central reliability challenge in microprocessor design. We are looking at ways to predict timing faults, many clock cycles in advance. Such early prediction can offer a vast leverage in robust system design, opening up a promising direction for future systems research. In this paradigm, microprocessors can operate at a tighter frequency, where predictable errors frequently occur and are tolerated with minimal performance loss.

The award comes for a 5 year project to be conducted at the BRIDGE lab at USU, co-led by Dr. Roy and Dr. Koushik Chakraborty. The BRIDGE lab focuses on interdisciplinary research to create gateways between Computer Architecture and Physical Design Automation. The BRIDGE lab investigates novel system design paradigms to build a foundation for holistic system design through design automation. A team of excellent graduate and undergraduate students are already investigating interesting properties of tolerating timing violations. The award also comes with an REU support component, which will help us to involve more undergraduates in this exciting project in Computer Engineering.

Research in the nascent area of cross-layer design will enable circuit designers and system architects to increase collaborative design, and develop affordable, energy efficient and reliable computer systems. The rapid growth and evolution of integrated circuits creates a huge demand of Computer Engineering skill sets for addressing upcoming challenges. The CAREER project seeks to create a stream of future engineers capable of tackling growing unreliability in integrated circuits through focused knowledge dissemination. Undergraduates, women and minorities will be actively sought for participation through the existing platforms at Utah State University such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Engineering State and Center for Women and Gender (CWG) programs.