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Steps required to complete the ME degree in Electrical Engineering:


When to Complete

1. Discuss Program Plan with ME Advisor

Beginning of 1st  semester

2. Submit Supervisory Committee Form

Beginning of 1st semester

3. Submit Departmental ME Check Sheet

End of 1st semester

4. Submit Program of Study Form

End of 1st semester

5. ME Degree-- Submit ME Completion Form

BEGINNING of final semester

6. Turn in Alumni Card with Photo and Placement Survey Form. All paper work must be completed before letter of completion can be sent to the Graduate School.

ME - No later than middle of final semester

7. Turn in graduation forms to Graduate School and check with them before leaving Logan to make sure all requirements are met.

Last step

If you plan to complete in Spring or Fall Semester and participate in Commencement Exercises, you must meet the deadlines set by Graduate School.  They are posted on the graduate bulletin board.