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The Master of Engineering (ME) degree is designed for students with a BS degree in ECE who would like to increase their technical depth in engineering.  Students select a specialization in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering.

 To obtain the specialization in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering, at least 9 credits of ECE coursework must be taken in the desired specialization area.

 Requirements for the Degree:

1)     Successful completion of a minimum of 30 credits (beyond the BS degree) of graduate-level course work, at or above, the 5000 level.  Must receive a grade of C or better in each course while maintaining a graduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

2)     At least 18 credits of ECE coursework must be completed at or above the 5000 level.

3)     At least one ECE depth course (having a graduate-level prerequisite) is required.

4)     At least 15 credits of 6000-level or above coursework (excluding ECE 6800) are required.

5)     No more than 15 credits of 5000 level coursework may be applied toward the ME degree.

6)     At least 3 credits of Professional Experience (ECE 6250 Internship or a substantial lab-intensive course) are required.  Only 3 credits of ECE 6250 Internship are allowed and must have prior approval.  ECE approved substantial lab-intensive list may be requested.

 7)     A maximum of 12 credits outside of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department may be allowed, based upon a comprehensive academic plan.  Courses must be approved by the Master of Engineering advisor.

 8)     Two semesters of ECE 6800 Graduate Colloquium (1credit total) are required.


Additional Requirements:

1)     No more than two ECE Special Topics courses that are “Taught On Demand” or “Taught on a One-Time Basis” are allowed unless otherwise approved by the ME advisor, graduate advisor, and department head.

2)     No more than 1 course (3 credits) of ECE 5930/6930/7930 Independent Study may be counted toward the ME degree.  Registration for ECE 5930/6930/7930 Independent Study requires prior approval (by the responsible instructor, the ME advisor, and the Department Head) of a written proposal by the student of the work to be performed and any reports to be prepared.

3)     No more than 3 credits of ECE 6250 Internship may be counted toward the ME degree.  Registration for ECE 6250 Internship requires prior approval of a description of your project with defined deliverables, signed by the student, the Company Intern Supervisor, the ECE internship coordinator, and the department head.  Only one semester is allowed.

4)     The student’s Program of Study and any subsequent deviations must be approved by the ME advisor.