Doctorate of Philosophy Description

Requirements | Deadlines


To qualify for a PhD degree, a student is expected either to complete at least 42 credits beyond the requirements for a BS degree; or to complete at least 18 credits beyond the requirements for an MS degree, plus complete enough credits of dissertation research to have a total of 72 credits beyond the BS degree or 42 credits beyond the MS degree. Completion of this course work generally requires three semesters of study beyond the MS degree, with up to 18 credits beyond the BS degree being taken in courses outside the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

After a student has completed at least 18 credits of coursework beyond the MS degree, he or she must pass a comprehensive examination based on graduate-level courses, as well as pass a dissertation research proposal defense. The comprehensive examination will be given only after a student has applied and received permission to take the exam. Near the end of the program, the results of the original (publishable) research work will be presented and publicly defended as a dissertation.