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Applications for Elections


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Elections are upon us! The USU student chapter of IEEE is run by volunteer students, and we're glad to have you participate with us. Consider the positions that will be available for this coming election and how you can contribute.

The positions of Chair and Vice Chair will be decided based on votes from the entire electrical engineering department. The runner up will be the Vice Chair. The elected Chair and Vice Char will then review the applications for other positions.

Important Dates

  • Applications Open: Wednesday, February 24
  • Applications Deadline: TBA
  • Voting Opens: TBA
  • Voting Ends: TBA

Elected Positions

  • Branch Chair: The primary responsibility of the chair is to represent the IEEE-USU Student Branch in both general body and executive-board meetings. They will also be responsible for leading the IEEE Student Branch overall, delegating appropriate responsibilities for various, and training other IEEE Council members.

    The chair will organize and oversee the Activities, SPAC, and Outreach Chairs. They will assist in the planning, execution, and evaluation of activities and competitions. They will coordinate with the publicity rep for advertisements.

  • Vice Chair: The highest priority of the vice chair is to assist the Chair in their many duties, especially in the executive portion of responsibilities. They will oversee the secretary, the treasurer, and the historian. They will coordinate day to day IEEE responsibilities, including, but not limited to: membership, IEEE store, and IEEE-USU Student Branch website.

Appointed Positions

  • Activities Chair: The activities chair will be responsible for organizing monthly activities, socials, tech events, etc.

  • SPAC Chair: The SPAC chair will plan and organize the SPAC conference for the year they are appointed.

  • Project Chair: The Project Chair will lead the Branch to accomplish technical projects for competitions and outreach events that will meet our technical experience goals.

  • Outreach Chair: The outreach chair will be responsible for outreach activities for IEEE. This includes maintaining contact with the Dean’s Office (Ryan Dupont), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), E-Council, the Makers club, and other organizations. They will be responsible for the organization of at least one coordinated service/outreach event per semester.

  • Publicity Representative: The publicity rep. will oversee the advertising strategies for all IEEE activities. This will include making fliers, coordinating announcements of activities in classes, and working with the historian to maintain uniformity between the website and the advertisements.

  • Secretary: The responsibilities of the secretary may seem simple, but they are extremely crucial to the success of the Council. They will assist the vice chair with membership records, take minutes of both general body and council meetings, and submit the general IEEE report forms. They may receive other assignments from the chair or vice chair such as organize meeting times and places for the council, contact council members concerning previously assigned responsibilities, etc.

  • Treasurer: With guidance from the vice-chair, the treasurer will manage the accounts and funds of the IEEE-USU student branch. This includes interactions with the student branch Zions Bank account as well as ECE department funds. They will also maintain the IEEE break room food supply and IEEE locker fees and the enforcement thereof.

  • Historian: Primarily, the historian will be responsible for attending and documenting IEEE activities. They will maintain the IEEE website and post articles and photos of the IEEE activities/accomplishments, with approval from the Vice Chair. They will work with the Publicity rep. to maintain uniformity between the website and the advertisements for activities, competitions, etc. They will also be responsible for the creation of a book and compilation of all the activities, achievements, and people involved in IEEE.