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2016 Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC)


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SPAC 2016 Logo Everyone is welcome!

Check-In: 9:00AM (CCA Performance Hall)*

Conference: 9:30AM—4:00PM

Cost: $10


What is Success?
Paul Kostek

*If you arrive after 10:00am, please check in at the IEEE break room in EL108.

High School Students: In addition to the keynote address, high school students will attend a specially tailored workshop to introduce them to the world of Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  These devices are great for the developing or hobbyist engineer with a love for electronics. No previous experience necessary.

College Students/Professionals: In addition to the keynote address, college students and professionals will be able to choose among various workshops that include topics such as MATLAB, PYTHON, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.  There will also be presentations on consulting, investing outside of school, successful attitudes for an engineer, and a university Alum talking about starting a business. 

SPAC (Student Professional Awareness Conference)

This program exists in many forms across the nation as the scope and goals of the event are at the discretion of the host Branch. In 2013, the USU Student Branch had a vision for a conference never before seen at USU, and since 2014, this branch has hosted the largest S-PACs in the Utah section. The event has been attended by up to 170 people and featured workshops and speakers in an all-day professional conference setting. Today, the IEEE Student branch is building on the success of the past IEEE Councils to make this the best year for the organization yet.

You can help

Picture of Workshop

Our Next conference will be held March 19, 2016. The planning and energy needed to create a conference of this scale is an all year effort. By the end of each conference a new committee is formed, and more members join in as the event gets closer. Through this event, IEEE Members gain valuable leadership and planning skills as well as presentation and teaching opportunities. If you are interested in being involved, join our council email lists or contact