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Dissertations and Theses

Name & Title Degree Document Year pdf Description
Adams, Joshua MS Thesis 2010 Transmitter Localization Using Autonomous Robotic Swarms
Ahn, Hyo-Sung PhD Dissertation 2006 Robust and Adaptive Learning Control Design in the Iteration Domain
Allred, Jason M MS Thesis 2013 Designing, Optimizing, and Sustaining Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors to Systematically Exploit Dark Silicon
Ancajas, Dean Michael Blasco PhD Dissertation 2015 Design of Reliable and Secure Network-on-Chip Architectures
Anderton, Donald C. MS Report 2005 Synchronized Line-Scan Lidar-EO Imager for Creating 3D Images of Dynamic Scenes - Prototype II
Andriyas, Tushar MS Thesis 2009 Surface Wave Propagation in a Dielectric Waveguide Loaded with an Anisotropic, Conductive, and Spatially Dispersive Substrate
Andriyas, Tushar PhD Dissertation 2013 Particle Dynamics and Resistivity Characteristics in Bifurcated Current Sheets
Ankapura, Madan S. MS Thesis 2004 Blind Equalization Decoding Using Low Density Parity Check Codes
Arellano, Jesus A MS Thesis 2011 Inkjet-Printed Highly Transparent Solar Cell Antennas
Areno, Matthew C. MS Thesis 2007 Automated Constraint-Based Hardware Architecture Generation for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Arora, Anisha MS Report 2005 Sensing of a Diffusion Process Using Distributed Robots
Ashby, Shaun M. MS Report 2003 Simulation of an Airborne Ladar Sensor Transceiver Error Modeling
Badamikar, Neeraj MS Thesis 2014 Automatic Registration of Multiple Texel Images to Form a 3-Dimensional Texel Image
Bage Jayaraj, Nagendra MS Thesis 2010 Minimum Symbol Error Rate Timing Recovery System
Ballard, Larry D. MS Thesis 2008 Experiment in Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination
Banks, Rustin Bjorn MS Report 2005 Design of a Global Space-Borne Mesosphere Airglow Imaging System
Barjatya, Aroh PhD Dissertation 2007 Langmuir Probe Measurements in the Ionosphere
Barnes, Robert C. MS Thesis 2008 Dynamically Reconfigurable Systolic Array Accelerators: A Case Study with Extended Kalman Filter and Discrete Wavelet Transform Algorithms
Bastian, Michael R. PhD Dissertation 2009 Neural Networks and the Natural Gradient
Bench, Jared K. MS Thesis 2007 Site-Specific Modeling and Measurement Comparison for Radio Frequency Multipath Estimation in Indoor and Outdoor Propogation Environments
Beukers, James MS Thesis 2015 Characterization of an e2v Charge-Coupled Device for the Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imaging Instrument
Bhambhani, Varsha MS Thesis 2008 Optimal Fractional Order Proportional and Integral Controller for Processes with Random Time Delays
Bhardwaj, Kshitij MS Thesis 2012 Aging-Aware Routing Algorithms for Network-on-Chips
Bharill, Neha MS Report 2005 Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Hyperspectral Image Processing
Bhaskaran, Tripti MS Thesis 2007 Practical Tuning Method for Fractional Order Proportional and Integral Controllers
Bhatt, Asti N. MS Thesis 2004 Ionosperic Radar Observation of Heater-Induced Field Aligned Irregularities
Bingham, Jason H. MS Report 2006 A Digital Design for a Plasma Impedence Probe
Biswas, Bidisha MS Thesis 2014 Analysis of False Data Injection in Vehicle Platooning
Biyani, Sourabh MS Thesis 2004 Direction Finding Arrays
Boldt, Brandon M. MS Thesis 2007 Point Cloud Matching with a Handheld Texel Camera
Bourgeous, William K. MS Thesis 2007 Engineering Swarms for Mobile Sensor Networks
Bridge, John B. MS Thesis 2005 Blind Source Separation of Nonstationary Signals Using the Singular Value Decomposition
Burr, Steven R MS Thesis 2013 The Design and Implementation of the Dynamic Ionosphere Cubesat Experiment (DICE) Science Instruments
Burt, Robert D MS Thesis 2011 Distributed Electrical Power Systems in Cubesat Applications
Bybee, Taylor C. MS Thesis 2015 An Automatic Algorithm for Textured Digital Elevation Model Formation using Aerial Texel Swaths
Campbell, Timothy B. MS Report 2006 Low-Cost Telemetry Encoder Backplane Communication
Cao, Yangcan PhD Dissertation 2010 Decentralized Coordination of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles
Carlson, Chad G. MS Thesis 2004 Next Generation Plasma Frequence Probe Instrumentation Technique
Carney, Matthew D. MS Report 2006 The Design, Simulation, and Testing of the TOROID Communication System from a Systems Perspective
Carrick, Brian J MS Report 2016 High speed digital sample rate conversion for a real-time ground station receiver
Carver, Jeffrey MS Thesis 2009 A Methodology to Design Pipelined Simulated Annealing Kernel Accelerators on Space-Borne Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Castillo, Jhonattan MS Report 2011 Field-Programmable Gate Array Design of a Scalable Parallel-Accessible Memory Subsystem for Image Feature Extraction
Challakere, Nagaravind MS Thesis 2012 Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Champaneria, Nisha P. MS Thesis 2007 A Soft-Output Stack Algorithm
Chandak, Mangalam MS Thesis 2012 Design and Characterization of Circularly Polarized Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas in an In-House-Constructed Anechoic Chamber
Chandrakar, Shant MS Thesis 2009 Memory Architecture Template for Fast Block Matching Algorithms on Field Programmable Gate Array
Chandrasekaran, Saranya C. MS Thesis 2010 Bio-Inspired Distributed Constrained Optimization Technique and its Application in Dynamic Thermal Management
Chandrasekharan, Mudhumita MS Report 2004 Implementation and Experiments of Relative Localization for a Mobile Robot
Chao, Haiyang PhD Dissertation 2010 Cooperative Remote Sensing and Actuation Using Networked Unmanned Vechicles.
Chauhan, Ojas S. MS Thesis 2004 Accelerating the Convergence of Message Passing on Loopy Graphs Using Eigenmessages
Chauhan, Ruchir MS Thesis 2014 A Platform for False Data Injection in Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar
Chen, Hu PhD dissertation 2016 Exploiting Adaptive Techniques to Improve Processor Energy Efficiency
Chen, Pengyu MS Thesis 2005 Pattern Formation in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Chen, Weilun PhD Dissertation 2017 Bidirectional Three-Phase AC-DC Power Conversion Using DC-DC Converters and a Three-Phase Unfolder
Chen, Xue PhD Dissertation 2016 E-cient Device to Device Communications Underlaying Heterogeneous Networks
Chester, David B. MS Thesis 2017 A Parameterized Simulation of Dopplel Lidar
Clements, Abraham A. MS Report 2010 An Immersive Technology for Indoor Exercise Equipment
Contreras, Andres A. R. MS Thesis 2010 Micronetworking: Reliable Communication on 3D Integrated Circuits
Coopmans, Calvin PhD Dissertation 2014 Cyber-Physical Systems Enabled by Unmanned Aerial System-Based Personal Remote Sensing: Data Mission Quality-Centric Design Architectures
Coopmans, Calvin R. MS Thesis 2010 Architecture, Inertial Navigation, and Payload Designs for Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Person Remote Sensing
Cornelio Sosa, David A MS Thesis 2014 An Efficiency-Motivated Attack Against Vehicles in a Platoon: Local Vehicle Control, Platoon Control Strategies, and Drive Train Technologies Considerations
Cornelson, Scott S. MS Report 2005 Electronics Design of the AGLITE-LIDAR Instrument
Costley, Austin D. MS Thesis 2017 Platform Development and Path Following Controller Design for Full-sized Vehicle Automation
Crace, Jared E. MS Report 2007 TOROID Software Subsystem
Cripps, Donald L. PhD Dissertation 2003 Spatial and Temporal Considerations in Vehicle Path Tracking with an Emphasis on Spatial Robustness
Crockett, John S. MS Thesis 2006 A Hardware Implementation of Low-Density Parity-Check Coding for the Digital Video Broadcast - Satellite Version 2 Standard
Crookston, Nathan MS Report 2011 Synthetic Aperture Radar Tool and Libraries: A Framework for Geo-Referenced Data Processing and Algorithm Prototyping
Dadras, Soodeh PhD Dissertation 2018 Security of Vehicular Platooning
Damgaci, Yasin PhD Dissertation 2013 Digital Microfluidics as a Reconfiguration Mechanism for Antennas
Dave, Udit M. MS Thesis 2006 A Concurrency Model for Protocol Live Sequence Charts
De La Cruz, Juan MS Thesis 2011 "Field-Programmable Gate Array Implementation of a Scalable Integral Image Architecture Based on Systolic Arrays"
Deka, Bhaswati MS Thesis 2013 Secure Localization Topology and Methodology for a Dedicated Automated Highway System
Desai, Satyajit MS Thesis 2012 Process Variation Aware DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) Design Using Block-Based Adaptive Body Biasing Algorithm
Desiraju, Divya MS Thesis 2013 Minimizing the Disruption of Traffic Flow of Automated Vehicles During Lane Changes
Deverakonda, V.S.S. Aditya MS Thesis 2006 Accuracy of Dynamical Models for Analog Iterative Error-Control Decoders
Dunkley, Richard MS Report 2011 Development of a Reconfigurable Multi-Faceted Communications Device Using Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration
Dunn, Daniel D. MS Thesis 2015 Attacker-Induced Traffic Flow Instability in a Stream of Automated Vehicles
Dutson, Jacob J MS Thesis 2013 Most Progress Made Algorithm: Combating Synchronization Induced Performance Loss on Salvaged Chip Multi-Processors
El Hamoui, Mohamad A. MS Thesis 2009 A Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter for a Plasma Impedance Probe
Emmons, Megan R MS Thesis 2013 Effects of Communication Delay and Kinematic Variation in Vehicle Platooning
Erni, Nathan M MS Report 2011 Closed-Loop Attitude Control Using Fluid Dynamic Vectoring on an Aerospike Nozzle
Farr, Daniel MS Thesis 2014 Resolving the Temporal-Spatial Ambiguity with the Auroral Spatial Structures Probe
Fawole, Olutosin C. MS Thesis 2012 A Multifunctional Solar Panel Antenna for Cube Satellites
Fenton, Ronald C. MS Thesis 2008 A Ladar-Based Pose Estimation Algorithm for Determining Relative Motion of a Spacecraft for Autonomous Rendezvous and Dock
Fielding, Ricky L. MS Report 2005 Satellite-Based Investigation of Mesospheric Infrared Emissions
Fife, Kenton MS Report 2006 Vision-Based Road Detection and Tracking for an Autonomous Vehicle Platform
Fish, Chadwin Scott MS Report 2005 Design, Development, Test, and Calibration of the FPMU
Flake, John T. MS Thesis 2007 Application of the Relevance Vector Machine to Canal Flow Prediction in the Sevier River Basin
Gao, Hui MS Report 2006 Stochastic Iterative Decoders and Their Implementations on FPGA
Genc, Alper PhD Dissertation 2010 Metamaterial-Inspired Miniaturized Multi-Band Microwave Filters and Power Dividers
Ghadiok, Vaibhav MS Thesis 2011 Autonomous Aerial Manipulation Using a Quadrotor
Ghasempour, Alireza Ms Thesis 2016 Optimizing the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Architecture in Smart Grid
Ghosh, Mohua MS Report 2004 Spatial Based Iterative Learning Control with Vision Sensor for 2D Path Tracking Using a 2-Axis Gimbal Robot
Goldin, Jeremy MS Thesis 2011 Perching Using a Quadrotor with Onboard Sensing.
Gopal, Ravi Banglaore MS Thesis 2004 Analysis of Signals on Wires Using Current Sensors
Gorthi, Swathi MS Thesis 2011 Prediction Models for Estimation of Soil Moisture Content
Graham, Brandon, R MS Report 2013 Using A White Noise Source to Characterize A Glottal Source Waveform for Implementation in a Speech Synthesis System
Grant, Cameron S. MS Thesis 2010 Incorporating Spatial Information into Gas Plume Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
Gregory, Jessica D. MS Thesis 2010 Design, Test, and Calibration of the Utah State University Floating Potential Probe.
Griffiths, Kent D. MS Thesis 1995 Control, Data Acquisition and Processing for a Scanning Infared Monochomator Used for Milk Analysis
Griffiths, Trace MS Thesis 2011 Enhancing Multispectral Imagery of Ancient Documents
Grover, Alan B. MS Thesis 2004 An MRHA Interface to the ODIS-S Robot
Grover, Russell J. MS Thesis 2010 An Exploration of Formal Methods and Tools Applied to a Small Satellite Software System
Gujjeti, Prashanth K. MS Report 2004 A Real-Time Embedded System for a Swimming Robot
Gupta, Pranay MS Report 2005 USUSat II Micro-Satellite Power System Theory, Design, and Testing
Han, Jinlu PhD Dissertation 2014 Cyber-Physical Systems with Multi-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based Cooperative Source Seeking and Contour Mapping
Han, Yiding MS Thesis 2009 An Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Imagery System Developement and Remote Sensing Images Classification for Agricultural Purposes
Han, Yiding PhD Dissertation 2014 Graphics Processing Unit-Based Computer-Aided Design Algorithms for Electronic Design Automation
Hancock, Jed J. MS Thesis 2004 An Optical Source for Characterizing Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Images
Hanks, Ryan Ashley MS Thesis 2004 Analysis of Algorithms for Detecting Short Lengths of Aircraft Wiring
Hansen, Stewart M MS Thesis 2014 Precision Current Control for Quantum Cascade Lasers as Flight Calibration Sources
Harrison, Willie K. MS Thesis 2007 Mesospheric Infrared Airglow Measurements of Molecular Twilight Transmitions By Means of Satellite-Based Radiometry
Hasan, Mehedi PhD Dissertation 2018 Efficient Algorithms for Reconfigurable Antenna Systems
Hasan, Nazmul MS Thesis 2015 Optimization and Control of Lumped Transmitting Coil-Based In-Motion Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Hatch, William Smith MS Thesis 2016 Plasma Velocity Vector Instrument For Small Satellites (PVVISS)
Henderson II, Sidney B. PhD Dissertation 2006 Global Characterization of the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly with Data from the Global Ultraviolet Imager
Henderson, Peter B. MS Report 2009 High Data Rate Radio Transmitter for Cube Satellites
Henry, Jeffrey A. MS Report 2004 Implementation of a User-Configurable Low Cost Telemetry Encoder
Hossain, Mohammad Ababil MS Thesis 2017 Beam Steerable Reconfigurable Antenna with Smart RF Switching on 3D Parasitic Level
Hui, Debrup MS Report 2011 A Model for Rapid Charging Events on International Space Station
Hummel, Albert C. MS Thesis 2006 The Plasma Impedence Probe- A Quadrature Sampling Technique
Humphries, Seth D. MS Thesis 2005 Calibration and Results of the EQUIS II Plasma Impedence Probe (PIP)
Iyer, Vishwanth MS Thesis 2004 Adaptive 2D DOA Estimation
Jackson, Kevin MS Thesis 2015 Blind Front-End Processing of Dynamic Multi-Channel Wideband Signals
Jackson, Spencer MS Thesis 2013 Safety Aware Platooning of Automated Electric Transport Vehicles
Jacobson, Jordan M MS Thesis 2016 An Optical System to Transform the Output Beam of a Quantum Cascade Laser to be Uniform
Jamali, Maryam MS Thesis 2012 A Study on Conformal Antenna Solutions for Cube Satellites
Jayaram, Magathi MS Thesis 2006 Massively Parallel Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulators
Jayaram, Magathi PhD Dissertation 2010 Architecture, Modeling, and Analysis of a Plasma Impedance Probe
Jayashankarashridevi, Rajesh MS Thesis 2015 Runtime Detection of a Bandwidth Denial Attack from a Rogue Network-on-Chip
Jensen, Anthony J. MS Report 2004 Electrical Design of the Minrad Two-Channel Infrared Radiometer for Small Sounding Rockets
Jensen, Austin M PhD Dissertation 2014 Innovative Payloads for Small Unmanned Aerial System-Based Personal Remote Sensing and Applications
Jensen, Austin M. MS Thesis 2009 gRAID: A Geospatial Real-Time Aerial Image Display for a Low-Cost Autonomous Multispectral Remote Sensing Platform (AggieAir
Joaquin,Darwin,J MS Thesis 2016 A New Low-Cost Microstrip Antenna Array for 60 GHz Applications
Jones, Brian A. MS Thesis 2004 Antenna Array Techniques for Detection of Buried Unexploded Ordnance
Kallam, Ramachandra R. MS Thesis 2010 Accelerated Frame Data Relocation of Xinlinx Field Programmable Gate Array
Kant, Ravi MS Report 2013 Study and Development of Blind Equalization for Demodulation of Dynamic Ionosphere Cubesat Experiment Satellite Data
Karnam Surendra Babu, Hema MS Report 2005 Distortion Metric for Digital Hearing Aids that Use Feedback Cancellation Algorithm
Kashyap, Manohar MS Thesis 2007 Low Density Parity Check Convolutional Decoding on Markov Channels
Kasturi, Prajwal M. MS Thesis 2013 Determination of Ionospheric Current Systems by Measuring the Phase Shift on Amateur Satellite Frequencies
Kavathekar, Pooja MS Thesis 2012 Cognitive Vehicle Platooning in the Era of Automated Electric Transportation
Kaveri, Srinidhi V. MS Thesis 2008 Design of Tunable Edge Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filters
Keller, David R. MS Thesis 2006 Turbo Synchronization of Low-Density Parity Check Coded Data Using a Generalized BCJR Algorithm
Khalat, Abdurazag Mohamed PhD Dissertation 2017 Multifunctional Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays Operating at 60 GHZ Band
Khoshniat, Ali MS Thesis 2011 A Linearly and Circularly Polarized Active Integrated Antenna.
Killpack, Cody C MS Thesis 2016 Visualization of Three-Dimensional Models from Multiple Texel Images Created from Fused Ladar/Digital Imagery
Knight Chad, P PhD Dissertation 2014 Convex Model-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing
Kothawade,Saurabh MS Thesis 2011 Design of Negative Bias Temperature Instability Tolerant Register File
Kumar, Shyam MS Report 2005 A CSP-Based Java Test-Bed for Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Kummamuru, Sapna MS Report 2004 Implementation of a Binary Genetic Algorithm Using Verilog
Kunz, N. Chase MS Thesis 2017 Vision-Based Control of a Full-size car by Lane Detection
Kurra, Krishna Kishore MS Report 2004 Calibration of Plasma Impedence Probe on the Floating Potential Measurement Unit
Lamoreaux, Ryan D. MS Thesis 2017 Impacts of Distributions and Trajectories on Navigation Uncertainty Using Line-of-Sight Measurements to Known Landmarks in GPS-Denied Environments
Landeen, Trevor PhD Dissertation 2018 Association Learning Via Deep Neural Networks
Lee, Lizabeth MS Report 2008 Monitoring of Indoor Relative Humidity Levels in Residential Dwellings: A Sensor Network Application
Leishman, Bradley C. MS Report 2007 Simulation of an Airborne Ladar Sensor: Signal Waveform and Noise Source Modeling for Radiometric Analysis
Lewis, Kelly S. MS Report 2007 Design of a Low-Power Automatic Wireless Multi-Logger Networking Device
Lewis, Nathan MS Thesis 2006 Multipath Channel Parameter Estimation Using a Switched Circular Array Antenna
Li, Zhouyuan PhD Dissertation 2014 Parasitic Layer-Based Reconfigurable Antenna and Array for Wireless Applications
Liang, Jinsong MS Thesis 2005 Control of Linear Time-Invariant Disturbed Parameter Systems - From Integer Order To Fractional Order
Liang, Yongqing PhD Dissertation 2007 Rate-Distortion Optimized Methods for Wavelet-Based Image/Video Coding
Lillywhite, Michael D. MS Thesis 2006 A Deterministic Site-Specific Indoor-Outdoor Radio Frequency Propagation Predication Model
Liu, Shuo MS Thesis 2009 Object Trajectory Estimation Using Optical Flow
Lora, Roque MS Thesis 2017 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Tracking System with Out-of-Sequence Measurment in a Discrete Time-Delayed Extended Kalman Filter
Luo, Yi PhD Dissertation 2017 Ultra-Wideband Transceiver with Error Correction for Cortical Interfaces in Nanometer CMOS Process
Ma, Lili PhD Dissertation 2004 Vision-Based Measurements for Dynamic Systems and Control
Mabey, Glen W. PhD Dissertation 2005 Stability of 2-D Shift-Varying State-Space Digital Filters
Madhusoodanan, Anand S. MS Report 2007 A Model-Based Toolset for Supporting Rapid Integration and Verification of Spacecraft Electronics
Mahmoud, Mahmoud N. MS Thesis 2010 Integrated Solar Panel Antennas for Cube Satellites
Maimaiti, Maimaitirebike MS Thesis 2013 Study of Inkjet Printing as an Ultra-Low-Cost Antenna Prototyping Method and Its Application to Conformal Wraparound Antennas for Sounding Rocket Sub-Payload
Malek, Hadi PhD Dissertation 2014 Control of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using Fractional Order Operators
Mallick, Saptarshi MS Thesis 2014 Physical Layer Detection of Hardware Keyloggers
Mallikarjunappa, Sarpabhushan MS Report 2003 Development of a Software Model of a Pulsed Radar System Using Matlab
Manyala, Pardhasaradhi MS Report 2005 Custom CMOS IC Design of a Hardware-based Binary Genetic Algorithm
Marchant, Christian C. MS Thesis 2008 Algorithm Development of the Aglite-Lidar Instrument
Marchant, Christian C. PhD Dissertation 2010 Retrieval of Aerosol Mass Concentration from Elastic Lidar Data
Martin Hidalgo, Julio MS Thesis 2014 Sequential Quadrature Measurements for Plasma Diagnostics
Maughan, Douglas Spencer MS Thesis 2016 Robust Intelligent Sensing and Control Multi Agent Analysis Platform for Research and Education
Mayampurath, Anoop M. MS Thesis 2005 Real-Time Cell Image Analysis
McInnes, Allan I. S. PhD Dissertation 2007 A Formal Approach to Specifying and Verifying Spacecraft Behavior
Melville, Keith MS Report 2003 Integration of a Simulated Ladar Data with INS and GPS to Obtain Accurate Position and Orientation Estimates of a Sensor
Mitchell, Samuel A. MS Thesis 2016 Ground Vehicle Platooning Control and Sensing in an Adversarial Environment
Monzon, Eduardo A MS Thesis 2013 An Algorithm to Recognize Multi-Stable Behavior from an Ensemble of Stochastic Simulation Runs
Mopidevi, Hema Swaroop MS Thesis 2010 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Integrated Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas for Public Safety Applications
Mopidevi, Hema Swaroop PhD Dissertation 2014 Reconfigurable Antennas for Public Safety and Wireless Gigabit Alliance Applications
Morab,Gautam J. MS Report 2010 Thermal Aware Floor Planning Tool
Morales, Omar MS Report 2004 Digital Design for a Sweeping Langjuir Probe Board
Morbhat, Prashant MS Report 2012 Wire Boom Deployment Dynamics and Control System Model for Small Satellites
Mugisha, Dieudonne Manzi MS Thesis 2015 Exploiting Application Behaviors for Resilient Static Random Access Memory Arrays in the Near-Threshold Computing Regime
Mukhopadhyay, Shayok MS Thesis 2009 Fractional Order Modeling and Control: Development of Analog Strategies for Plassma Position Control of the Stor-1M Tokamak
Mulholland, John MS Report 2004 First Ground Station Equipment Software
Muneeb Ur Rehman, Muhammad PhD Dissertation 2018 Modular, Scalable Battery Systems with Integrated Cell Balancing and DC Bus Power Processing
Muthukumarasamy, Aruldevi MS Report 2004 Modeling and Simulation of Radar Toolbox
Mysore, Srivallaba MS Report 2004 RTL Implementation of Duty Cycle Measurement Circuit
Neal, David MS Thesis 2012 Utilizing Correct Prior Probability Calculation to Improve Performance of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes in the Presence of Burst Noise
Neal, David A. PhD Dissertation 2017 Maximum Likelihood Temperature/Emissivity Separation of Hyperspectral Images with Gaussian Distributed Downwelling Radiance
Neary, Patrick L. MS Thesis 2006 Embedded Software for Biological Detection Instruments
Neilsen, Kevin D MS Thesis 2011 Signal Processing on Digitized Ladar Waveforms for Enhanced Resolution on Surface Edges
Nelsen, Joel Christopher MS Report 2015 An Attitude Determination and Attitude Control System Design and Implementation for Cubesat and Small Embedded Space Systems
Nelson, Darin S. MS Report 2008 Field-Programmable Gate Array Implementation of Global System for Mobile Communications Receiver
Nelson, J. Brandon MS Thesis 2006 Image-Based Correction of LADAR Pointing Estimates to Improve Merging of Multiple LADAR Point-Clouds
Nieveen, Jacob G. MS Report 2013 Modeling the Liquid, Nasal, and Vowel Transitions of North American English Using Linear Predictive Filters and Line Spectral Frequency Interpolations for Use in a Speech Synthesis System
Nitin, Rajmohan MS Report 1999 Modeling Intereference Switches - a Computer Based Approach
Niu, Lin MS Report 2005 The Design of the Ion-F Downlink Communication Software
Olenslager, Matthew E. MS Thesis 2006 FPGA Based Hardware Acceleration for Real-Time Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer Image Calculations and Cell Analysis
Padmawar, Mandar M. MS Report 2010 Power Supply Noise Aware Floorplanning
Pakrashi, Anushka MS Thesis 2014 Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm Design on Stochastic Processors
Pal, Asmita MS Thesis 2018 Split Latency Allocator: Process Variation-Aware Register Access Latency Boost in a Near-Threshold Graphics Processing Unit
Paramasivan, Ramanan MS Report 2004 Automatic Recognition and Analysis of Microarray Images
Parthasarathy, Sudeep K. MS Report 2004 FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
Patra, Swadesh MS Thesis 2009 Electron Density and Electron Neutral Collision Frequency in the Ionosphere Using Plasma Impedance Probe Measurements on Sounding Rockets
Patra, Swadesh PhD Dissertation 2013 The Contribution of Magnetospheric Currents to Ground Magnetic Perturbation During Geomagnetic Storms
Patterson, Jesse W. MS Thesis 2016 An Energy-Efficient Semi-Partitioned Approach for Hard Real-Time Systems with Voltage and Frequeny Islands
Patterson, Patric L. PhD Dissertation 2005 In SITU Measurements of Upper Atmospheric Atomic Oxygen - The Atox Resonant Flourescence-Absorbtion Sensor
Payak Keyur M. MS Thesis 2010 Complexity and Power Consumption in Stochastic iterative Decoders
Peacock, Luke B MS Report 2011 The Equine Distress Monitor Project
Petersen, Justin C. MS Thesis 2006 Analog Soft Decoding For Memories
Phadnis, Miti MS Thesis 2009 Statistical Analysis of Linear Analog Circuits Using Gaussian Message Passing in Factor Graphs
Phillips, Jonathan D. MS Report 2004 An Automatic Translation of CSP to Handel-C
Phillips, Jonathan D. PhD Dissertation 2008 A C to Register Transfer Level Algorithm Using Structured Circuit Templates: A Case Study with Simulated Annealing
Pound, Andrew E. MS Thesis 2014 Exploiting Sparsity and Dictionary Learning to Efficiently Classify Materials in Hyperspectral Imagery
Prakash, Urmila MS Report 2006 Momentum Biased Attitude Control for a Small Satellite
Pratt, John A. MS Thesis 2009 Native Earth Electric Field Measurements Using Small Spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit
Pyle, Michelle Lynn MS Thesis 2016 Design of Miniaturized Time-of-Flight Reflection Mass Spectrometer for Upper Atmosphere Density Measurements
Raj, Ashish MS Thesis 2013 Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms for Nonlinear Systems
Rajan, Smita MS Report 2005 Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data Using Independant Component Analysis
Ramaswamy, Bharath MS Report 2005 Embedded and Telepresence Control of a 3-Axis Smart Wheel Assembly
Ramchandran, Amit MS Report 2005 Flexible Interconnect Processor (FLIP)
Rao, Arun J. MS Thesis 2010 Analog Front-End Design using the Gm/Id Method for a Pulse-Based Plasma Impedance Probe System
Rawlings, Dustin MS Thesis 2013 Extracting Atmospheric Profiles from Hyperspectral Data Using Particle Filters
Rawlings, Jeremy H. MS Thesis 2006 Testing of a Global Space-Borne Mesosphere Airglow Imaging System
Reese, Kenneth Bryce MS Report 2005 Processing and Visualization of Mesospheric Hydroxyl Infrared Emission Data from SABER
Rodriguez, Ana A. Paniagua MS Report 2008 Sampling Frequencies Ratio Estimation and Symbol Timing Recovery for Baseband Binary Pulse Amplitude Modulation
Rogers, Christopher R. MS Thesis 2009 A Comprehensive Integration and Analysis of Dynamic Load Balancing Architectures within Molecular Dynamics
Rounds, Shelley MS Thesis 2008 Distributed Control for Robotic Swarms Using Centroidal Voronoi Tesselations
Ruben, Nathan E. MS Thesis 2015 Remote Heart Rate Estimation Using Consumer-Grade Cameras
Sadasivam, Sai Prathap MS Report 2005 Remedies for the SYN and RST Vulnerabilities in Red Hat 9.0 Linux Kernel
Sai Ananthanarayanan, Peruvemba R. MS Thesis 2006 Advanced Software-Defined Radio for Small Satellite Application
Sajjad, Imran MS Thesis 2017 Autonomous Highway Systems Safety and Security
Sallay, John A. MS Thesis 2009 Automatic People Counting and Matching
Salmon, John L. MS Thesis 2006 Conceptual Design of a Far Ultraviloet Photometer for Tomographic Measurements of the Upper Ionosphere
Samala, Harikrishna MS Thesis 2009 Methodology to Derive Resource Aware Context Adaptable Architectures for Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Sanderson, Wayne G. MS Thesis 2007 The History and Dynamics of Plasma Impedance Probe
Saraswat, Rohit MS Thesis 2006 Translating Protocol Live Sequence Charts to Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation for Protocol Compliance Verification
Saraswat, Rohit PhD Dissertation 2010 A Finite Domain Constraint Approach for Placement and Routing of Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures
Saunders, J. David MS Report 2004 Simulation of an Airborne Ladar Sensor - In-Flight System Control
Shabanian, Tahmoures MS Thesis 2018 Tackling Choke Point Induced Performance Bottlenecks in a Near-Threshold GPGPU
Shah, Atul Kumar MS Thesis 2010 Constraint Programming Techniques for Generating Efficient Hardware Architectures for Field Programmable Gate Arrays.
Shankar, Jayaprabha MS Thesis 2007 Analysis of the Day Side Equatorial Anomaly
Shekaramiz, Mohammad PhD Dissertation 2018 Sparse Signal Recovery Based on Compressive Sensing and Exploration Using Multiple Mobile Sensors
Saha, Shamik MS Thesis 2016 SSAGA Streaming multiprocessors(SMS) sculpted for asymmetric general purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU)Applications.
Shi, Yan MS Report 2005 An Electrochemical Chip Prototype Using Square Wave Polarography Voltammetry and a Survey on Wireless Power Transmission
Sikdar, Payel MS Thesis 2004 Ionospheric E-Region Parameter Extraction Using a Fuzzy-Equivalence Clustering Technique
Smith, Cody S MS Thesis 2012 Compressive Point Cloud Super Resolution
Song, Zhen PhD Dissertation 2007 Optimal Observation Problems Involving Wireless Sensor Networks
Sorensen, Jared K. MS Report 2006 Implementing a Flexible Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for Continuous Real-Time in a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
Sorensen, Nathan W. MS Thesis 2006 Analysis of Implementation Issues of Consensus Algorithms with Mobile Robots
Sreeram, Rohan MS Thesis 2010 Improved Framework for Fast and Efficient Memory-Based Frame Data Reconfiguration for Multi-Row Spanning Designs on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Sreeramoju, Raj Kumar MS Report 2004 FPGA Implementation of an Acoustic Echo Cancellation System
Srinivasan, Balachander MS Report 2004 Power-Aware Mode Management Software for a Nanosatelite
Srinivasan, Vasudev MS Thesis 2004 Multiplexing Aircraft Wiring for Non-Destructive Testing
Stites, Matthew R. PhD Dissertation 2012 Assessing and Enabling Independent Component Analysis as a Hyperspectral Unmixing Approach
Stormont, Daniel P. EE Report 2006 Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots in Search and Rescue
Stuart, Daniel MS Thesis 2009 Implementation of Robot Arm Networks and Experimental Analysis of Consensus-Based Collective Motion
Stuart, Daniel S PhD Dissertation 2015 Microscopic Modeling of Crowds involving Individuals with Physical Disability: Exploring Social Force Interaction
Subramanian, Prasad MS Thesis 2008 A Field Programmable Gate Array Based on Finite-Domain Constraint Solver
Sudarsanam, Arvind PhD Dissertation 2010 Analysis of Field Programmable Gate Array-Based Kalman Filter Architectures
Sukthankar, Pranav Ravindra MS Report 2004 Excitation of Passive Dynamics to Produce Quadrupedal Running
Sullivan, Stephanie, W MS Thesis 2013 Optical Sensors for Mapping Temperature and Winds in the Thermosphere from a CubeSat Platform
Sun, Rongtao MS Thesis 2007 Fractional Order Signal Processing: Techniques and Applications
Sundararajan, Gopalakrishnan PhD Dissertation 2016 Noisy Gradient Descent Bit Flip Decoding Of Low Density Parity Check Codes: Algorithm And Implementation
Suresh, Padmashri PhD Thesis 2011 Surface Morphology Implications on Langmuir Probe Measurements.
Suresh, Padmashri MS Dissertation 2016 Global Thermospheric Response To Geomagnetic Storms.
Swanimathan, Prasanna V. MS Thesis 2004 Measurement of Charge Storage Decay Time and Resistivity of Spacecraft Insulators
Swenson, Anthony MS Thesis 2017 The Field-Programmable Gate Array Design of the Gridded Retarding Ion Distribution Sensor
Taheri, Shayan MS Thesis 2015 Evaluation of Tracking Regimes for, and Security of, PLI Systems
Talbot, B. Jake MS Report 2008 Design and Implementation of Digital Signal Processing Hardware For a Software Radio Receiver
Tariq, Salahuddin MS Thesis 2015 Two Types of Conformal Antennas for Small Spacecrafts
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