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ECE 5470: VLSI Design

3 Credits
Introduces the standard cell library-based design flow in VLSI, including design methodology and IP design, CMOS circuit design styles, and design technology for low power and thermal aware designs.

Prerequisite/Restriction: ECE 5460/ECE 6460 or equivalent. Student must be in the Professional Engineering Program or have Graduate Standing. Cross-listed as ECE 6470.

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: SPRING

Course Syllabus

Topics Covered: 1) CMOS Transistor Theory; 2) Timing Verification; 3) Clocking, synchronization & metastability; 4) Dynamic power reduction; 5) Low Leakage design; 6) Interconnect & Inductance; 7) CMOS Scaling; 8) Circuit Design Styles

Course Instructor: Sanghamitra Roy

Textbook: CMOS VLSI Design - A Circuits and Systems Perspective, 4th edition