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ECE 5630: Digital Signal and Image Processing

3 Credits
Theory and applications of digital signal and image processing, including filter design, multi-rate processing, filter banks, array processing, and 2D systems, signals and transforms. Some lab and computational work required.

Prerequisite/Restriction: ECE 3640 or equivalent. Student must be in the Professional Engineering Program and have Graduate Standing

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: FALL

Course Syllabus

Topics Covered: 1. IIR and FIR filter design techniques; 2. Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms; 3. Fourier analysis; 4. Cepstrum analysis and homomorphic deconvolution; 5. Filter banks and multi-rate processing; 6. Image perception and color processing

Course Instructor: Scott Budge

Textbook: Applied Digital Signal Processing