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ECE 5850: Antennas I

3 Credits
Theory and application of electromagnetic radiation and radiating structures. Emphasis on antenna designs for modern wireless communications and radar systems.

Prerequisite/Restriction: ECE 3870. Students must be in the Professional Engineering Program or have Graduate Standing.

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: FALL

Course Syllabus

Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to Antennas; 2. Antenna math (Vector potentials, computation of antenna fields); 3. Antenna parameters; 4. Linear wire antennas; 5. Loop antennas; 6. Antenna measurements; 7. Antenna theory (Image theory, Reciprocity, Radar Cross Section); 8. Antenna arrays; 9. Introduction to antennas modeling, measurement and matching techniques; 10. Important types of antennas (Horn, Helical, Yagi-Uda, Microstrip Patch)

Course Instructor: Reyhan Baktur

Textbook: Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design, 3rd edition