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ECE 5930: ST: Introduction to Power Electronics

3 Credits
Steady state analysis of dc-dc switching converter, derivation of steady-state models that includes losses, efficiency calculation, semiconductor power switches (diode, MOSFET, IGBT), switching loss, discontinuous conduction mode, isolated and non-isolated converter topologies (full- and half-bridge, forward, flyback, Cuk, SEPIC,...) and circuit manipulations, converter dynamics and control, state space averaging and modeling, canonic circuit model, converter transfer function analysis and graphical representation, negative feedback and closed-loop transfer function, controller stability and phase margin, regulator design, review of basic magnetics theory (modeling, loss mechanisms, eddy current), step-by-step procedure of an inductor design.

Prerequisite/Restriction: ECE 3410. East student must satisfy prerequisite of obtain a special permission from the instructor.

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: FALL

Course Syllabus

Course Instructor: Zeljko Pantic

Textbook: Fundamentals of Power Electronics (ISBN - 0-7923-7270-0)