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ECE 6250 - Graduate Internship/Co-op

(1-3 credits)

Catalog Description:

Planned work experience in industry. Detailed program; must have prior approval; written report required.

Prerequisite/Restriction: Permission of instructor.

Pass/Fail only.

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Course Outcomes:

  1. Gain experience in an industrial engineering environment.
  2. Gain experience in working with a team of engineers.
  3. Appreciate real-world constraints in the development of projects.

Instructor Information:

  • Koushik Chakraborty
  • Office: EL 255B
  • Telephone:(435) 797-9157
  • e-mail:
  • Home page

Course Information:

Course Requirements:

Prior to the Beginning of the Internship:

  1. Download and read the Co-op/Internship Student Manual with Employer Guide and Forms.
  2. Meet with the ECE Faculty Co-op Coordinator to discuss the course and co-op experience.
  3. Arrange internship experience with the employer (giving the Employer Guide) who will assign a supervisor.
  4. Formulate learning objectives with employer that benefit both the student's educational experience as well as the employer.
  5. Submit objectives to the ECE Faculty Co-op Coordinator for review and acceptance.
  6. Fill out Co-op/Internship Application Form and attach project description and deliverables.
  7. Fill out the Cooperative Education Internship Agreement (ECE Department version of Form 1) and attach five learning objectives.
  8. Send Agreement and Application Form to Tricia Brandenburg (Graduate Program Coordinator) and she will send the form through DocuSign for signatures.
  9. Registration authorization will be given and you can register for ECE 6250 once all paperwork has been signed.

Two Weeks Before the End of the Semester:

  1. Initiate a meeting with your supervisor (employer) to evaluate your work. (Forms are due no later than the last day of finals).
    • Have your supervisor complete and sign the Employer Evaluation of Learning Objectives (Form 2).
    • Have your supervisor complete and sign the Employer Evaluation of Student Performance (Form 3).
    • Have your supervisor mail completed and signed Forms 2 and 3 and email to Tricia Brandenburg (Graduate Program Coordinator) –
  2. Complete the student (employee) evaluations. (Forms are due no later than the last day of fnals).
    • Complete and sign the Student Evaluation of Learning Objectives (Form 4).
    • Complete and sign the Student Evaluation of Work Performance (Form 5).
    • Complete the Confidential Student Evaluation of the Work Experience (Form 6).
    • Email the completed and signed Forms 4-6 to Tricia Brandenburg (Graduate Program Coordinator) –
  3. Write and submit your Final Report (Due no later than the last day of finals).

Notes about Internships:

  • Approval must be obtained BEFORE doing an internship.
  • If your supervisor or work tasks change after the internship begins, you should review your educational objectives and make sure any changes are approved immediately.  You will be expected to report on your approved educational objectives.
  • The Co-op experience is expected to be full-time (160 hours of work per credit hour).
  • Internship must be listed on your Program of Study.  PhD and MS students are allowed 1 credit of ECE 6250 internship to count toward their degree.  ME students are allowed 3 credits of ECE 6250 internship to count toward their degree.
  • International students are expected to register for ECE 6250 the semester they participate in Co-op.
  • American students having a Co-op during summer may register for credit the following fall semester; however, all work (forms and report) must be completed by the end of the summer.  This means the last day of the General Summer Session for Distance Education (usually around Aug. 10).
  • Internship must be listed on the Program of Study the semester that you register.