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ECE 3810: Engineering Professionalism

1 Credits
Introduces students to life as an engineer, including: the design process, working in teams, understanding professional and ethical responsibility, the impact of engineering on society, and the need for continued professional development. Also includes discussion of how engineering meets the contemporary needs of society.

Prerequisite/Restriction: ENGR 3080 (may be taken concurrently) Student must be in the Professional Engineering Program

Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: FALL, SPRING

Course Syllabus

Topics Covered: Systems Engineering  (Systems and the Engineering Profession, Entrepreneurship and Ideas, Design/Planning of Projects, Project Management) Lifelong Learning (Staying Current and Fundamentally Sound in Your Field, Expanding into Other Fields, Preparing for Graduate School) Ethical and Contemporary Issues in Engineering and Science (Ethics in Engineering, Social Issues, Political Issues, Scientific Issues)

Course Instructor: Don Cripps

Textbook: Better Embedded System Software (ISBN 978-0-9844490-0-2)